With the housing market continuing to climb and the economy being cautiously optimistic, many homeowners are looking into ways to improve the value of what is likely to be the biggest investment of their lives. Ask any estate agent, and they will tell you the homes that sell the fastest and command their asking price are the ones that goes the extra mile in upgrading all the rooms in their homes. You may think that once you have conquered the kitchen and bathroom, your job is gone. But have you looked at your laundry room lately?

Stand back and look at your laundry room objectively. If you were a potential buyer, does it have the ‘wow’ factor? It might seem insignificant, but if a buyer is looking at multiple homes that tend to blur in their minds after a day of viewing, a stunning and functional laundry room may very well set you apart from the rest. Here’s some ways to make a big bang in a little room:


Even if you are taking your washer/dryer with you, having modern appliances in your laundry room will leave a great impression with potential buyers. Rusty, old avocado-green appliances from the 70’s are bound to leave a bad taste in a potential buyer’s mouth.

Fix the storage problem

If you have bottles of detergent, fabric softener, bleach and other household cleaning products are prominently displayed on DIY wire shelving units, you might want to think about storage that keeps these eye-sores out of sight. A cupboard with doors is ideal, but you can also grab pretty woven baskets to store your laundry and cleaning products that will still be within reach but out of the way.

Pretty it up

Who says you can’t have an attractive laundry room? It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do for the room. If you are really adventurous, you might want to consider colour blocking or striped walls to give the room some depth. What does your floor look like? Some inexpensive lino or peel & stick floor tiles can make a big difference. If you have a window, put café curtains or new blinds up.

Ironing space

Ideally, if you can wall mount an ironing board, do it. It forces you to iron your clothes in your laundry room instead of somewhere else in the house. And once the ironing board is out, we tend to leave it out. Potential buyers might think you have poor storage if they have to dance around your ironing equipment in your bedroom or dining room.

Of course, a new kitchen is the best way to add value to your home. Call the experts at Grantech for advice on how to make the most of your kitchen.