Does Granite scratch?

Whatever anyone tells you; it is possible to scratch granite, BUT you have to try hard to do so. Just like a diamond, granite can scratch itself. A good tip therefore is that when storing granite you should always take the time to rest the polished side against another polished side. Additionally, great care should be taken to rest any granite pieces on protective feet.

Thankfully, scratch ‘mis-haps’ have a chance of being polished out in the unthinkable happens.

Does Marble scratch?

Marble, a softer material than granite, is more likely to get scratched than granite. ‘Etching’ is equally a problem with Marble but don’t allow this to sway your decision as Marble can ‘carry’ scratches well particularly if a lighter colour is chosen.

Will my Marble or Granite age well?

Overall granite should stand the test of time better than marble as its properties provide a better chance of sustaining the bumps of everyday use. It also has a better resistance to stains.