With 2014 now behind us, it may be a good time to start looking again at the kitchen.

It was once the case that people would spend most of their time in the lounge. Guests would be entertained there and the kitchen would just be a place to cook and prepare meals while people would gather around the TV.

How things have changed. The kitchen is more often than not the focus for get-togethers. The kitchen is now the hub of most homes and a place to eat drink and socialise. As life gets more casual, grabbing a quick bit to eat in the kitchen is preferable to a formal sit down meal in the dining room.

So perhaps these are just some of the reasons to consider giving your kitchen a fresh, new make-over this year. Updating your kitchen needn’t cost the earth either. Often a kitchen can be revitalised simply by updating worktops, cabinet doors and fresh coat of paint.

Replacing tired old work tops with granite could be an option. Granite work tops now come in all sorts of colours and styles and can add a touch of style and glamour to any kitchen Granite is also incredibly durable and strong so you won’t need to worry about the wear and tear you might get from wooden surfaces.

Please have a look through our range to find a finish that is right for you.