When considering new countertops in your kitchen, most people immediately think of granite as the only option. And there are plenty of positive reasons for choosing granite. It’s durable, beautiful and comes in a vast variety of colours. But another option for homeowners that they may not have considered might surprise you. It’s quartz.

You’d be forgiven if the first thought that popped into your head when hearing quartz is a watch. But the very reasons quartz is used to make exquisite time pieces are the same reasons that make it an ideal material for your kitchen.

Because quartz is polished during the manufacturing process, engineered quartz does not require sealing or resealing. Regularly buffing of the quartz surfaces with a gentle all-purpose cleaner or with a mild soap and a non-abrasive cleaning pad or cloth will keep them in excellent condition.

To eradicate germs and enhance the shine, quartz manufacturers recommends wiping your quartz surfaces with a half-and-half solution of water and rubbing alcohol. Although scorch-resistant, quartz can be impaired by intense heat. Always use protective pads or a trivet when putting a searing pot, pan or any other type of cookware on your quartz countertop.

There are also some colour considerations you should take when using quartz:

• Quartz is mixed with pigment, so tiles and slabs and tile come in a wide variety of colours, so ask your fitter if there are additional hues besides the ones in the showroom
•In contrast to natural stone, engineered quartz has a consistent and uniform colour and pattern, making it far simpler to marry up slabs and tiles during the installation process
•The look of your quartz surface depends on the proportion of the quartz pieces to the size of the kitchen. The larger the granules and the smaller the room, the busier your countertop will look.
•Don’t let concerns about stains effect your choice of colour…even the palest shades of quartz can repel stains
•All quartz is created equal. Before you decide on a specific brand and colour, see if the sample stands up to scratch and stain tests. Let some coffee, oil, and red wine sit on the sample overnight.

If you are considering quartz for your new kitchen countertops, contact Grantech . Walk around our showroom and ask out team of experts what would work best in your home.